10 things Harry Potter fans can't help wondering!

  1. The only brave thing Potter could do without a Granger and a Weasley?

  2. If only all the schools could understand that there were things much more important than exams..  


  3. Someone has definitely come a LONG way .. who would have imagined this?

  4. Could there BE a better pick-up line??

  5. The dude needs a drink!

  6. That moment when you realize how much better your life could have been and how amazingly you fucked it up..

  7. When you realize you know nothing in the finals and only god can help you!

  8. Never left a chance of embarrassing their brother and NOW they decide to be non-judgmental! Really??

  9. I bet there was a similar tear drop on every book.

  10. Few times when the movies were just SOOOO wrong and did not do justice to the books.