10 wierdest facts that will make you go 'Woah'!

1. Banging your head against a wall makes you burn 150   calories per hour. Now who would have known that?

                                                         Source - roygbiv.jezebel.com

2.  When hippos are upset , their sweat turns red!   Creeeppyyyyy..

Source - Tumblr

3.  29th  May is officially known as "Put a pillow on your fridge day". Now we know something new 
     which we can try this year!

Source- Flickr

4.  If Pinocchio said, "My nose will grow" , it would be a paradox! Wonder why? 
Because if he was lying, his nose would grow but then if his nose grew then it meant that the statement wasn't a lie which means his nose actually didn't grow .. but then if it didn't grow then that means his statement was a lie and hence the nose should grow.. get the paradox now?

Source- brainden.com

5.  In Bangladesh cheating in exams is a major crime and children as young as 15 years of age can be  
     jailed for cheating. 

Source- Tumblr

6.  You can lead a cow upstairs but cannot get the cow downstairs.

Source- Storman eNews

7.  The fingerprints of koala bears are so similar to that of humans that they can even be confused at
     the crime scenes.

Source - Blogspot

8.  It is possible for a horse to look forward with one eye and backward with the other. 

                                                                      Source - Pinterest

9.  An average person spends 7 years of his/her life in the bathroom. 

Source- giphy.com

10. The king of hearts is the only king which doesn't have a mustache! Ever noticed that?

Source - Madore.org