11 Things you can relate to if you work in an IT Company

IT sector is one of the biggest industry in the world. Being a part of it is like a dream come true for many. But the truth is unfolded once you enter the industry. Here are some things you can relate with, if you are an IT person:

1. The policy says - Stick your ass on the desk for 9 hours!

You try to argue you worked extra last night, they manipulate you how you didn’t work the rest of the days according to company “POLICY” of 9 hours!
“You took 1 hour lunch break and 30 mins tea break and then you went somewhere in between. I am not counting all that, just ‘letting you know’ “.

2. The useful websites will always be restricted!

Struggling for a solution…. Just found the right link….. Ohh ohhhh.! ‘Access Denied! The site is restricted’
‘Why God…….. Why!’

3. USB’s are like drugs!

‘Dude, you bought the movie I told you in P.D?’
‘Yeah dude, meet me in 10 mins and make sure NO one knows’

4. 2nd week of the month and you are poor again.

5. Leaving on time is never an option. IF you ever did leave on time, you feel like you never thought you’d live to see this day.

“I never knew this is how evening sky looks like”

6. Office Laptops are like VHS tapes from ‘The Ring’ which once opened, would haunt you even when you are at home.

"I want to leave early tonight". "It's okay! You have laptop. You can login from home".

7.  Late night and early morning client calls destroy your sleeping schedule.

No more lovey dovey calls to your BF/GF or any calls to friends / family coz you are stuck with client calls in the middle of the night.

8. Your salary is less than a cab driver!

If you are travelling in a cab, ask your driver what his salary is. You will be shocked to your core!

9. Parties and extra benefits are the reason you are stuck in the company.

The only reason you are stuck to your boring job is because of the edless parties and extra benefits you get in your job.

10. I just need a ‘BREAK!’ Let’s plan something for this weekend.

Every once in a while, the ‘can’t take it anymore’ feeling builds up and you start planning for a trip to take a break from life!

11. Lastly, you always plan for your own startup with your friends.

Fuck this shit! We will together open our own company and will then employ our boss.