3 Best Tips To Deal With Your Smart Phone Battery Life! #lifesaver

One of the problem that still persists with the smartphones today is the battery life. Although you can always buy a power bank but still it leaves your phone wired to a charger most of the time. Here are some battery saving tips for you

1. Uninstall Battery Consuming Apps -

Go to settings , click on the battery option and check which apps consume the most space and battery. Uninstall these apps to improve your your phone's efficiency.

Long press the app > Uninstall


2. Avoid Auto Brightness - 

Manually set your screen's brightness to the least required setting, and then just increase it when required. It is best to avoid auto brightness.

Pull Down > Turn off Auto Brightness



3. Widgets & Wallpapers - 

Remove excess widgets and or any animated wallpapers from your home screen as these consume power.

Long press widget > Press Close