A Smoking Smart Phone!

Vaporcade, A US based company launched a smoking smartphone in November,2015!
Am I joking? No! Vaporcade has launched world’s first smoking phone called: The Jupiter. It offers you smartphone facilities like texting and calling, along with the option of having an e- cigarette on the go.
Although it still doesn’t provide facilities like camera and processor.

Some of the phone specifications are:
  • 3G Smart Phone, costing $299
  • 4G version of Jupitor cost $499
  • OS: Android KitKat 4.4
  • 2 different batteries (One for phone and one for vape)
The smartphone has a vaping app that tracks the vaping.
Different flavors of liquid cartridges are available for $15 each like: mint, Coffee and peach.
As claimed by Vaporcade, each cartridge provides around 800 puffs. 

Health Effects are still a question, but having a cool device cum e-cigarette is something one can definitely try!