Forgotten Heroes of the Scientific World

1) Satyendra Nath Bose 

Boson particle named after the indian physicist S.N. Bose, is one of the two fundamental subatomic particle. Bose has worked with Albert Einstein and come up with Bose- Einstein condensate theory and Bose – Einstein statistics. The discovery of Higgs Boson particle will help in understanding the creation of the universe, its minuscule components and its all-pervading vastness.


2) G. N. Ramachandran

Known for 'Ramachandran plots', G. N. Ramachandran had more contributions in Biology even though he was a physicist. One of his classic discovery includes: triplehelix structure of collagen, which was believed to deserve Nobel Price.


3) E. Premkumar Reddy

Currently working as a director of experimental cancer therapeutics at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York, E Premkumar Reddy  is responsible for the discovery of oncogenes, which helps to understand the molecular basis of cancer.Source:


4) Nikola Tesla

Called as Father of radio astronomy, Tesla invented A/C. The ground work for invention of radio was done by Tesla, which was then used by Marconi for inventing the radio.
Other discoveries include: X-Rays, Hydroelectric plant technology, Transistor, Remote control, neon lights, electric motor, wireless communications.

5) Rosalind Franklin

As a biophysicist, Rosalind made great contributions to understanding of molecular structure of DNA, RNA, viruses, coal, and graphite.
‘X-ray diffraction images of DNA’ is regarded as her best work which further led to discovery of DNA double helix.Source: