How to define the thin line between ‘Good friend’ and ‘More than friend’

We all have one good friends from the opposite sex who is real lose to us. Have you ever been in a situation where you got confused that your good friend is just a good friend or is it something more than friendship for them? Following are some ways to identify that the thin line between a ‘Good friend’ and ‘more than friend’ has been crossed or not:

  1. Texting doesn’t mean he/she definitely want more

    If the person is talking to you on a regular basis, it doesn’t mean they surely want more than friendship. Don’t presume! Sometimes a person is just comfortable talking to you and they find it easy and comforting to share their emotions and feelings with you.


  2. A friendly touch isn’t an invitation to bed

    A general misconception: ‘If a girl touches you, like touching your arms, she definitely is flirting with you’.
    Trust me, STOP believing such shits! I hit my guy friends sometimes while laughing, doesn’t mean I want more!
    Similarly, if a guy hugs you doesn’t mean they are trying for more. They just might do that with all their good friends.


  3. If the person doesn’t respond to being teased with your name, it might be just because ‘They don’t care much’

    You are with your gang along with your special friend and your friends start teasing you both and he/she isn’t replying and just smiling. ‘Ohhhh! Blushingggg! So it is true! Love is in the air!!’…….
    No….. No…. No! Stop right there! It’s not necessary, that if they aren’t saying anything, then they have some feelings for you. Sometimes a person might just be too shy to speak or just because you both are good friends and know each other well enough, they simply don’t care to explain everyone about your relationship status.


  4. Him Spending money on you – Might be his normal behavior

    Guys usually have a habit of paying while you are out with him. Don’t assume anything if you find him paying for you on a dinner or any party. Just simply ask him or even force him to let you pay next time and you might be clear with your misconceptions.


  5. Lastly: If they LOVE YOU, they will find a way to TELL YOU!

    We live in 21st century! We don’t have to send letters secretly through common friends to just ask someone out. Trust me, if a guy/ girl is into you, they will definitely find a way to tell you. No need to read between the lines. That might turn the situation the other way around.