Ratan Tata shows again that deeds are not just mere words #ProudToBeIndian

We always respond to extravagant demands with a one liner "Tata Birla hai kya?" The line clearly depicts how difficult it is to be even compared to someone like Ratan Tata. But actions are louder than words and Mr. Ratan has been proving that since ages.The following deeds will make you respect him more and be proud to be an Indian.

Here are some things he did after the 26/11

  • All the employees were treated as ON DUTY during the time the hotel was closed.
  •  A psychiatric sell was set up to counsel those who sought nay help.
  • Every employee was assigned a mentor and it was the responsibility of the mentor to help the person with everything.
  • Ratan Tata personally visited 80 employees affected by the attack.
  • The employee dependents were flown from across the country and given the best care.
  • Tata took responsibility of life education of over forty five children of the victims of the attacks.
  • The settlement for every deceased member ranged from Rs. 36 to 85 lakhs, in addition to the following benefits:
    a) Full last salary for life for the family and dependents.
    b) Complete responsibility of education of children and dependents – anywhere in the world.
    c) Full Medical facility for the whole family and dependents for rest of their life.
    d) All loans and advances were waived off – irrespective of the amount.
We need more philanthropist industrialists like him.