Reasons why Dil Chahta Hai was the coolest bollywood movie and gave all of us true #friendshipgoals

1. When it made us understand the true meaning of friendship – " Ya toh dosti gehri hai ..ya ye photo 3D hai! "

2. A road trip to Goa became so much cooler and an absolute #friendshipgoal

3. It made us aware of the times when the only people you want to talk to are your best friends and no one in the whole world can replace them.

4. And sometimes all you need is for your best friends to be around and the world suddenly becomes a much better place!

5. It gave us the iconic music which never gets old

6. Also it very nicely portrayed the time when your best friends can get you out of your misery by just laughing at you.. because they are the only ones who can do that

7. You can never forget the absolutely crazyyyy things you did together..

8. And finally.. nothing hurts more than to part with them and to go your separate ways!


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