Things to do if you are Alone and Bored

Ever felt like you have a monotonous life…. All your friends are busy and you are stuck alone with nothing to do. Nothing new…. Just me and my sad dull life.
Here are few things you can do if you are fed up and want something new:

  1. First things first : Move your ass from your couch!
    The most important thing is to keep aside that lazy attitude and activate your dead cells within your body. Sluggishness won’t be helpful.


  2. Experimenting in kitchen - Be your own Chef!

    Headphones on…. Your favorite music… full experimental mode on.
    Cooking and trying new things will take your mood off the dispirited mode.


  3. A Book is a man's Best Friend

    For a book lover, there is nothing better than a mug of good coffee in one hand and a great book in another. Find a book from your favorite author, have a mug of coffee and read i till the end.


  4. Plan and re-decorate your room
    The best thing to constructively pass time is plan the renovation of your room. It takes your mind off the dreariness and you can indulge into finding new ideas. Extra Bonus: A revamped room.
    You can get a lot of ideas from google.


  5. Treat yourself with some delicacy!

    It’s okay to go on a date with yourself. Spending some ‘Me’ time is important. Go to your favorite restaurant and treat yourself with your favorite food. After all, you can’t do that when you are on a date. So why not enjoy it now.


  6. Shoppinnnnggg!

    There is nothing better than shopping. The best cheer up exercise is shopping, be it for a girl or for a guy.
    Go out, try on some clothes and pamper yourself.


  7. Start a new hobby

    You can always start to invest your time into something new like reading, blogging, painting, collecting stuff, gaining knowledge about something you like, etc.  It takes up all your time and you definitely learn something new.


  8. Click! Click! – Photographer mode on

    If you love capturing the moments, just take out your camera/phone and your photographer mode and seize the best moments on your camera. You can also showcase them on social networking and website specifically for photography.


  9. Enroll into a course

    If you a computer geek, a fashionista, a singer, a dancer, or a player….. You can always try out something new and enroll into a new course.


  10. Learn a new language

    There a hundreds of online community and thousands of apps that offer free language courses. Sign up for one, learn a different language and irritate your friends with your knowledge.