Top 10 tech firms to work for!

In today’s world where the most important thing that drives a person to work for a firm is not its popularity but its work culture and how well they treat their employees. Keeping in mind the work culture and benefits provided to the employees, here are the 10 most popular tech firms that all the techies dream to work for - 

1.  Google -

Yes, this will not come as a surprise that every techie in the world would love to work for Google but not just because of the cutting edge technologies they work on but also because it is the most employee friendly tech giant! The benefits and compensations provided to the employees are a class apart. No wonder they attract the most talented people across the globe! Who doesn’t want to be a Googler ( yes , that’s what they call themselves)

2.  F5 Networks –

A company that makes equipment for computer networks, ranks the second in the list. Not many people are aware of this but it has one of the best work culture, great benefits and huge salaries which would give the big names a run for their money. The firm has some of the best employees and everyone is eager to share their knowledge and help their colleagues. The career path for the techies is clear and amazing without leading them towards managerial roles if they don’t want to. Moreover, the work-life balance is the best!

3.    Facebook –

One of the biggest names in the tech world and undoubtedly the biggest social network giant is another firm for which people would love to work for. The employees are given a huge amount of power to take their own decisions and to come up with new ideas and think differently. The compensation is great and the firm has some of the most innovative minds in the world!

4.   Qualcomm –

The company that makes the Snapdragon processors to power mobile devices is the next in the list, providing great training and resources to the employees. The work-life balance as reported by the employees is amazing and the benefits and salaries are exceptional.

5.    Adobe –

According to the employees , the company takes good care of them and has amazing  trainings from which one can get a huge amount of knowledge. The people are intelligent (obviously) and always eager to help. This is another firm whose employees love their job and look forward to going to work everyday.

6.   MathWorks-

This is a firm that makes modelling and math related software. The company provides a lot of opportunities to their employees to learn and grow in their career and acquire leadership roles in the firm. Moreover, the perks are awesome.

7.    Apple –

Another tech giant and the favorite among users has probably the best salaries in the industry ( around 2x/2.5x more than its competitors). The employees are super dedicated and knowledgeable. They love their work and we love what they create. Not to forget, the benefits are exceptional!

8.    LinkedIn –

Another popular name which we all are familiar with. The firm has great events and gatherings happening all the time from which the employees can benefit. The people are very talented and the work schedule is extremely flexible.

9.    Zillow –

A real estate website, has some of the happiest employees. The firm cares about the employees and gives them great exposure. The people are talented and very passionate about their jobs.

10.   MindBody –

This firm provides online booking and scheduling software. This can be a new name for some, but the firm has definitely made its way to the top 10 tech firms! The employees have great benefits and are very happy with the people that are in the leadership roles. The managers and CEO are extremely inspiring and the company is filled with positivity.