Is this the last phone you'll need to buy? Meet Ara, the modular phone from GOOGLE.

A modular smartphone is a smartphone made using different components that can be independently upgraded or replaced. This aims to reduce electronic waste, lower repair costs and increase user comfort.

Google has lately been working on its own project for modular smartphone and has named the project ARA.Project Ara is a new modular computing platform, allowing devices to be customized for style and function. Choose your high-res camera, add a louder speaker, swap in a better battery. Imagine the possibilities.

The phone is set to be launched somewhere at the end of this year if all goes as planned. Here is a video from the Google's official Youtube channel  giving you a clear idea of the next big thing in the smartphone industry.

Here is what the official website of project ARA  states about it.
  • The Ara frame contains all the functionality of a smartphone plus six flexible slots for easy swapping.
  • Ara modules fit neatly into the frame, allowing for upgrades, innovation, and style.
  • Slide any Ara module into any slot and it just works. Powering this simplicity is Greybus, a new bit of software deep in the Android stack. Greybus supports instantaneous connections, power efficiency and data-transfer rates of up to 11.9 Gbps.
  • The Ara frame is built with durable latches and connectors to keep modules secured. Ara modules are designed around standards, allowing them to work with new generations of frames and new form factors.
And the cherry on the cake is that if you are a developer then you can also add to this program and build with Google. Isn't it awesome!!