Preity Zinta and her dating history

Bollywood celebrity Preity Zinta was not limited to her nationality when it comes to dating. Today, we bring you the top dating history of her national and international exes.

  1. The first in the list is Lars Kjeldsen - 


    This one connection up couldn't buzz the business as much, be that as it may, two teams were regularly spotted on getaways together. The undertaking proceeded for a brief span, however, it was sufficient for some hot and private photos of the two to come up.

  2. Marc Robinson - 


    This happened when Zinta was new to the business, bubbly and loaded with youthful vitality. The model was in a nearby and intimate association with Marc Robinson, a settled male model in the excitement business. The two were accounted for to live in together, in any case, relating to the feverish ways of life, they went separate ways.

  3. Ness Wadia - 


    The on-screen character was dating Ness Wadia, Bombay Dyeing beneficiary, beginning from 2005. The couple denied the connection in the underlying days, be that as it may, when they were frequently spotted together, they couldn't deny. The couple was tremendously discussed by the media, uncommonly with the twosome purchasing an IPL group. There were bits of gossip about their engagement, which did not hold much worth as a separation took after soon.
  4. Brett Lee -


    The pair asserted to be companions and appeared to be so. In any case, the media spoiled them to be a couple. However, even the gossipy tidbits couldn't hold for long. All in all, was there something or was there not?
  5. Yuvraj Singh - 


    The pair declared to be partners and gave off an impression of being so. Regardless, the media ruined them to be a couple. Be that as it may, even the gossipy goodies couldn't hold for long. All things considered, was there something or was there not?