Salman Khan In Trouble AGAIN

"Salman Khan and controversy's, they go hand in hand" - It will be not wrong to say this and well now again Salman Khan is in trouble. But this time, the person who could put him in trouble is the family of a spot boy who died on the set of Sultan in Yash Raj Studios. It's claimed that they have not been given any help as promised by the large-hearted star.

It has been 4 months to this incident but Uday Singh's family has not received the help of any type from the actor. They appealed to the Police to investigate and find out whether he died due to the negligence of Yash Raj staff or not. Well, Uday was working at Yash Raj productions since the past 30 years as a spot boy on the contract basis. As per reports it all happened on the 10th of Jan 2016, Uday Singh was working on the Salman Khan's Sultan when suddenly he fell down unconscious. His colleagues took him to the office and told him to take rest.After some time they returned to the set and started working however after some time he collapsed again post which he was then taken to the private hospital in Mumbai where the doctor declared him dead. Uday's wife then approached Salman Khan in the film city with her kids. Salman Khan met her and assured her help from the Yash Raj house and his side.However, even after four months Chandra Kala is still awaiting Salman's help. This matter is been investigated by the police. The senior police inspector said that we have received an application from the family of the spot boy today only, however, we have begun investigation.

What will be the outcome of this investigation will be interesting but Salman khan not giving a helping hand is surely shocking to believe.