Things you can relate to if you are a Book Lover!

I like to call myself a novel freak! I know many of us can relate to that. My books are more precious treasures than diamonds. If you are one such freak, you probably can relate to following:

  1. They smell like heaven!

    Admit it, whenever you buy a new book, the first thing you do is smell it. The smell of the paper is so enticing, that it bring a little smile on your face. Some books that have a chemical smell of the ink or paper used is a big turn off!

    As perfectly said by Ray Bradbury: ‘A book has got smell. A new book smells great. An old book smells even better. An old book smells like ancient Egypt.

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  2. Even the worst reads can’t be left in between!

    Even if a book isn’t good or even if you realize in the start itself that it;s going to be one heck of a boring novel, even then you just can’t….. Simply CAN’T leave it in between!

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  3. Asking to borrow your book is like a taboo!

    Can I have your book for few weeks?’ ‘Haha! You are joking right...! Ohhhh wait! you are serious! Bitch Please! Talk to my hand!
    You just can’t….. Just simply can’t share it with anyone. What if they misplace it? What if they didn’t return it back? And the worst fear: What if they damage it! Dog-ears….. Stains…. Marks…. NOOOOOOOOO!! The worst fear that can come true. The mishappenings that can become a reality.

  4. You definitely have a small collection in your home!

    A book lover can’t simply read a book from library or borrow it from a friend. You definitely have a small library at your home. And you take care of them more than yourself. You might not clean your bed for 5 days, but you make sure your books are safe from the dust and other things that can harm your little babies.

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  5. A plan for a Bbbbbiiiiiiiiiiggggggggggg Bookshelf is always on mind!

    When I’ll have my own house, I’ll make sure I’ll have a separate big bookshelf. I already have the design in my mind’.
    I suppose we all have said that dialogue once! We have thought of how our bookshelf will be and even the room where we’ll keep it.

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  6. You started drinking coffee because of your reading habits

    Okay, Confess it! The reason you drink coffee is because it is the best combination with a book. A coffee in one hand and a book in another. Best Match Ever!!

    Source: dreamingthroughliterature
  7. Every book has a memory attached, and we love to reminisce them time–to–time

    Reliving the time when you read the book is a complete different feeling. Some books made us happy, some bought tears in our eyes, while some actually made a huge difference in our life. Each book has an impact in our life and it feels good to remember all that again.

    Source: buzzfeed
  8. We have been scolded for our reading habits and we STILL DON’T CARE!

    Your mom… your roommate…. Your husband/wife or gf/bf…. If they are anti ‘Book-lovers’ or if they don’t have a psychotic love for books, they’ll definitely get irritated of your reading habits and you have  to listen to a lot of non-sense. ‘It’s not the time to read…. Close it and SLEEP!’…. ‘Are you seriously gonna read?? You are so boringgggg…!’…. ‘Is it even a time pass?? Find a better hobby’….. I mean they seriously don’t get it, and to be honest we don’t care much.

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