The crazy 20’s and things you can relate to!

It’s my 20’s! And it’s crazy here!!
The 20 something is the best time of our life.
The first Job! The first smell of success! The first salary! The ‘I am Independent’ phase! You get married and some even have kids by the time they leave their 20’s.
The 20 something phase is a roller coaster ride. We fail and we learn and we use the wisdom we gained from our experiences to be better than before…. And then………. we fail again…!  It’s life! We fall and we learn and it goes on and on forever.

But hold on! Coz it’s gonna be okay!

We usually panic whenever we make mistakes. We feel guilty and blame ourselves that we are matured and we should act like one. But to be frank, maturity comes from these experiences. Maturity doesn’t come from age, but from the blunders we do and the realization we get out of it. It’s better to learn from these mistakes than to not even try making one, just for the sake of being an “adult”. We all are given a follow guide by our Family and “THE SOCIETY” and we are doomed to follow it!

‘No BF/GF rule i.e Love marriages are a complete NO NO – Society kya kahegi!’
 ‘Don’t take risk in life. Follow the path everyone usually does – Arre. Risk kyo lena. Future mat kharab kro apna’

So basically ‘22 Tak padhai..25 pe naukri...26 pe chokri...30 pe bachhe, 60 pe retirement or phir.....maut ka intezar!!’ 

But is there any point in following something you don’t believe or something you don’t even understand? What is the point of running behind things you might not even want?  Ask this to yourself: What if I actually found the soulmate in the guy/girl I fell in love with in my high school? What if he/she is the only one? What if I don’t go into an IT company like everyone does after engineering and take up on photography or dancing, or somewhere where my actual passion lies. What if instead of listening to the society and settling down at 25, I leave my ‘perfect job’ and go for higher studies or maybe start a startup that I have been planning for long, and maybe start over. What If….. What If……

Yes my friend, these what if will never have an end if you don’t try. The beautiful thing about these 20 something is to try and fail and then try again. This is the time to take risks. Learn from your mistakes rather than following the “society grail” written by 90% of the people you don’t even care about. When you take risk, you will either get better than you currently have or you will learn. As quoted by George Edward Woodberry:

Defeat is not the worst of failures. Not to have tried is the true failure.

The regret of what if I actually did this, is worse than failing. The uncertainty of the fact that I might have made it is killing enough.
So go ahead, make mistakes. Talk to your crush and ask them out. Follow your passion. Do what you want to do. Take risks. Coz no matter what the result is, even if you are trying, you already are better than the rest.