New Year : Time for Resolutions

2016 is about to end…. 2017 is on the doorstep, knocking with a thousands of opportunities, memories to be made, breakdowns, patch-ups, breakups, lessons to be learnt, to succeed, to fail, and to try something you haven’t yet done. You don’t know what’s coming your way. An exciting feeling for a fresh start.

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So, we all would have made some new resolutions for the coming year that we plan to achieve. Some would choose to lose weight, some would be determined to switch the job that’s killing you, some would have plans to start their company and be their own boss, some would secretly be determined to find their one true love this year, while some of us would plan to focus on our hobbies and give some time to them from our busy hectic schedule.

Now, I would like to stop you right there. Stop and evaluate what you really want to achieve. Having goals and resolutions are good, as they keep you focused and as quoted by Fyodor Dostoyevsky in his book ‘The Brothers Karamazov: “The mystery of human existence lies not in just staying alive, but in finding something to live for.” 
So it’s important to have that desire to actually live and not just breathe. But sometimes we force ourselves too much into the completion of these goals that we forget the basic rule of having them in the first place.

So let’s ask ourselves: Why do we actually make a resolution on the start of a New Year? We do so because we want to be HAPPY. We want to lose weight, so that we could look good which would ultimately make us happy. We want to switch our boring jobs because we seek a lively workplace and a satisfactory job. We attempt to find “The One” because we want to be able to connect with someone and finally be content. So, all in all we wish to be satisfied and lively. But sometimes we put too much pressure and the result is not that great. We stress ourselves that we haven’t achieved our goals that we get frustrated and we lean more towards a depression state rather than the cheerful one. We accept our defeat and stop trying as we are more result oriented than process oriented. We want to see fast results and we don’t focus on what we have gained from the efforts we have put in. Yes, we might not achieve the goal, but hard work never goes to waste. We should focus on what we have achieved rather than what we haven’t.

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So, don’t beat yourself, rather try to loosen up this year. Let this year not be about starving yourself and being way too hard for loosing those extra calories. Instead, let this year be about being healthy, and choosing to lose the bad habits. Work hard to achieve your dream job, either it be a switch to a better company or to self-start your own company, but do not lose hope if you don’t succeed. Robert Kennedy said once that “Only those who dare to fail greatly can achieve greatly”. Success will come when it’s the right time. Have patience. Don’t force yourself into a relationship if love is not there, and don’t despair if you haven’t yet found them.  Love will come to you, just keep looking and when it does, all the loneliness and broken hearts will be forgotten.

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Most importantly “Live”. These moments are never gonna come back. 2017 is never gonna come back. Travel the untraveled roads. Laugh more than you laughed last year. Make more memories than you did last year. Stay positive and stay happy. Because at the end, that’s all that matters. Happy New Year everyone. 

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