Social Media : A Revolution or a Devolution

We live in 21st century. Everything around us is advanced and fast. As people say: The news travels faster in this town. And in today’s world, it actually does. Social media is one of the biggest medium for this.

What is Social Media? People can come up with thousands of definitions, but to put it into simple words, for me : Social media is a medium of expression, where an ordinary person raise his problems, share his views or suggestions, express their thoughts and stay connected to the world. It’s an easy way to communicate with thousands of people around the world. To know different cultures and meet new people all over the world. I myself have many friends from around the globe and getting to know their culture has never stopped startling me .
Not only does social Media highlights what is happening right or wrong in the world, but it also highlights the different aspects people can have. The good aspects of social media is that, that people can share their views or suggestions and learn so many things at a time. It can  also be used to spread awareness among the students, the youth of our society who turn to wrong paths and alert them.

As is said: A coin has two sides. And so does everything comes with its pros and cons. The negative aspect of social media is  that the people using the technology, have forgot everything else that matters. It has become a mandatory things in our life . Every person, even the kids in school have started using Facebook, what's app, Messenger etc. They don’t even concentrate on their studies. But when their exams are on their head, at that time they realize their mistakes. But the lost time can never be found again, and by the time they realize the value of time, their studies are suffered.

Another con of the fat growing social media is: wrong usage of this technology. People have started using social media in a wrong way, which has increased the crime rate over internet.
Even recently, a case has been bought in the light where, a student uploaded a girl’s photograph by editing in wrong ways. That girl later committed suicide.
So I ask : Who is responsible for that?
In my view, technology is a boon for society as it makes our life easier, but we should be careful with how to use it. Not only that, the parents should watch and observe their children’s activities like an eagles eye, especially for the teenagers who are not mature enough and they should stop them if they suspect their children are doing something wrong. If the situation is not controlled, the day is not far when it will becomes a great and unmanageable problem for us.