STOP The Dowry System!

 In our country people worship women, like Goddess Lakshmi ,Durga, Saraswati and give them utmost respect and honor. But in the present era we see that no one treats a women with respect. Although they worship them in temples, they humiliate and torture them at homes. They think  that they only exist to fulfill their demands. They are considered as a burden to many parents. Even our scriptures also tells us, “A place where a women is not respected, The gods never exist there”.
The worst case of women degradation is Dowry systems. It is a custom in which parents give and spend a lot of money in the marriage of their girl child. They fulfill every demand of the groom’s family. They spend more than they can afford. They take loans and spend every penny they have for the groom and their family to be happy and satisfied. As is said: Greed has no limits,  and so slowly-slowly the In-laws increases their demands and would want more.

Source: thestylesymphony

It is a disease that passes from one generation to another generation and this trend never comes to an end. In spite of being decreased as more people are educated now, it’s actually increasing. In India, in every 3 sec, a case of daughter-in-law being burned to death is registered. I think the actual culprits are the rich people who, just for show off, will give so many things in the marriage of their daughter. To match these people, the poor Middle class would try do the same thing. Sometime they take loans from the banks and relatives. At times, they even sell their house. 

Recently a case has been bought into  light where a husband, after marriage wanted more dowry than promised, and when the girl’s parents refused to give, he would beat his wife very badly and locked in her a room for six months. Later, he again got married to another girl only for the money she would bring as dowry. He did the same thing to her, but the brave girl took strict action against this, and reported police. 
In my opinion It is the need of the hour to create awareness among the people by organizing Rallies ,Seminars, Demonstration etc . and by telecasting many documentary films like saavdhan India, code Red ,Crime Patrol etc. The state government should take stern action on it . It’s time to remove this evil from our country permanently for good.