When Google CEO Sundar Pichai shouted “Abe Saale”

Sundar once shouted “Abe Saale” to the mess staff, when we came to IIT Kharagpur.

Yes, It is hard to believe but this is true. We all know Sundar Pichai as the CEO of World’s 2nd largest valuable company. Few days ago, he returned to his alma mater IIT Kharagpur, 23 years after being a student there and he addressed an audience full of students who not only gave him a rockstar welcome but listened to him diligently.

Source: igyaan

Sundar shared this funny incident during his interaction with the engineering students when asked about “Hostel Food”. he said, He was new to IIT and thought people call everyone "Abe Saale" as a way of greeting. 

"In my first couple of weeks I thought you called people that way," he said with a wide grin. "The next thing I know the folks in the mess were quite upset and they shut down the mess. I wasn't very popular that day," recalled Sundar Pichai.

This all happened as he had just been at IIT Kharagpur two weeks, didn't speak much Hindi as he "came from the South" and had been trying to pick it by listening to how others around him spoke.
During his visit, he also talked about his time at the IIT, including how once he got 'C' grade in one paper and discussed the mantras of success.

Also one lesser known fact we don’t know about Sundar is that he met his wife Anjali at IIT Kharagpur. He fell in love with her and He used to go to the only girl's hostel nearby to meet her. ;)  

So by this we can put a point here, that apart from studies, our Google CEO Sundar was also active in other areas.. #IUKWIM ;)  :D