The Oxymoron

Image Source: tattooshunt

She was an eternal paradox
A never ending fable of a battleground 
Her simple complexities made hell beautiful, 
For she was a dandelion 
Blown away from its soul 
Yet soaring into the dusk and dawn, 
With a heart, 
Broken and shattered, into a million pieces 
Like the shooting stars in her eyes 
For she was the light so pure 
That the windowsills made a compromise 
To let the white of time 
Who dissolved into the darkness 
Ending it's existence to light up life 
For she was brave 
Enough to fear her heart 
Tensed upon losing out on the inside 
As a drop of water that couldn't be 
A river, ever flowing
Instead fell for the sea 
She, she was deep and silent 
For who has ever let down the sea
For his salinity 


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